Krimmler Achental in summer

The Krimmler Achental is a very special high valley. You can choose your favourite destination from a wide range of mountain peaks, mountain passes, cabins and mountain pastures – for hiking, mountain climbing, crossing borders or simply for relaxation and enjoyment.


The Krimmler Achental is considered to be one of the most beautiful high valleys in the Hohe Tauern National Park and is an ideal area for hiking, thanks to its idyllic mountain pastures and the calm flowing Krimmler Ache, which rises from the Krimmler Törl.

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Touring possibilities

The Zillertal Alps, which border our valley to the west, as well as the Venediger Group to the east, and the higher side valleys of Rainbachtal and Windbachtal all offer outstanding touring possibilities, starting from the Krimmler Tauernhaus, Warnsdorfer Hut or Richter Hut.

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Alpine crossings

The paths through the Krimmler Achental across the Birn Gap (2,671m) and through the Windbachtal across the Krimmler Tauern (2,634m) into Ahrntal in South Tyrol are ancient Alpine crossings that were already used by the Romans. Follow the trail of the old trading routes across the Tauern.

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Idyllic pastures of the Krimmler Achental