Healthy nature

Dark stone pine forests, fertile mountain pastures, wild waters or snow-covered slopes for snow-shoe hikes – a long stay in the mountains has a positive impact on the human organism.

Draw new strength from nature and find inner balance and harmony by means of exercise and calm. The Krimmler Achental and the Krimmler waterfalls give you a holistic sense of wellbeing for body and spirit.

Alleviation of asthma and allergy symptoms

  • High mountain climate

The special high mountain climate and the good air, which is free of pollutants and pollen, works wonders for the respiratory system, and alleviates the symptoms of asthma and allergies. The irritant-free mountain air contains fewer allergenic substances than in the lowlands. Furthermore, the mountain climate also has a favourable effect on the airways.

As a certified Hohe Tauern health business, we in the Krimmler Tauernhaus pay special attention in creating for you a safe and pleasant environment that will support you optimally when relaxing.

With the strength of the stone pine

  • the stone pine, the queen of the Alps

Higher than all other trees, the “Queen of the Alps” climbs the steep mountain slopes of the Krimmler Achental. The high mountains demand particular resilience of the stone pines – which is why they probably contain so much strength, which has been appreciated and used by people for many centuries.

In the meantime, the many positive characteristics of the stone pine have been proven scientifically. The essential oils in pine wood and pinecones not only smell and taste good. They also support recuperation and resistance, improve sleeping pattern and wellbeing, and encourage conviviality. Let the power of the stone pine strengthen you and enjoy its odour while you walk through the pine forest.

Incidentally: You can also smell, taste and feel stone pine in the Krimmler Tauernhaus – in the stone pine parlours, the stone pine bed, or when tasting or trying one of our handmade stone pine products, all of which are made with stone pines from the Krimmler Achental.

Healthy breathing - Krimml Waterfalls

  • Krimml Waterfalls

The Krimml Waterfalls with a total height of 380 m are the highest waterfalls in Europe. The waterfalls walk takes people with a passion for nature to viewing points, across bridges and over promontories right up to within touching distance of the Krimml Ache. Huge volumes of water come crashing down and at the end of the Krimml Achen Valley it falls in three stages - upper, middle and lower falls - into the Salzach Valley.

The latest scientific studies have demonstrated that proximity to the waterfalls can have a positive effect on your health and sense of well-being. The high concentration of negative ions in the air around the waterfalls stimulates the immune system, leads to a sustained improvement of the airways, has a positive effect on lung function and reduces the frequency of attack in asthmatics and people suffering from allergies.