Krimmler Achental

Embedded between imposing mountain ranges, the picturesque Krimmler Achental is located in the western part of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

One of the oldest passes runs through the longest and highest valley in the Venediger Group, over the Hohe Tauern and into the Ahrntal in South Tyrol. The Krimmler Tauernhaus once served travellers and traders as a station and refuge in which to stay overnight and eat. As early as medieval times there was constant and lively traffic on the trading route over the Krimmler Tauser. Wine, brandy and salt were carried on the backs of mules over the high mountains and into the valleys to the north and south of the main Alpine ridge.

The pastures of the Krimmler Achental, occupied by the livestock of the farmers from Oberpinzgau and Ahrntal, are idyllic. To this day, the farmers of South Tyrol lead their animals over the Krimmler Tauern to spend the summer on the mountain pastures of the Krimmler Achental.

The high valley above the Krimmler waterfalls has many impressive natural spectacles.

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